There are different terms for being XXY: Klinefelter’s syndrome, Intersex, Disorder of Sexual Development (DSD), just ’normal‘ males with an additional X.

In fact, society and scientists always want to create disorders out of everything which is different from the average. Even within the XXY groups, there are heavy debates about the meaning and applicability of intersex. Very few XXY are real intersex since the majority has the typical male sex features but hormones are processed differently in contrast to XY males. Thus intersex will be probably inaccurate as umbrella term for all XXY. Is it really necessary to find a one-size-fits-all-umbrella term? Klinefelter’s syndrome is also misleading for many XXY, as not all symptoms of Klinefelter’s syndrome are present, and testosterone deficit will be inaccurate for those who identify as female or at least non-male.

No matter what chromosome variation we have, we develop in a certain way biologically and physically. We start playing gender roles basing upon our cultures and family role models. We start feeling whether those roles and our bodies feel right about this and to whom we are attracted to. Typically we don’t think about gender, sex and number of chromosomes when we fall in love.  Definitions and nomenclature maybe useful or not but they tend to put us in neat boxes. That is what scientists, institutions, politicians, religious groups and activists want, put everyone into neat little boxes to suit their needs and agenda. We are not defined by the names others pin on us. We are just who we are and should be able to choose our own definitions, if we even need them. 

So whether it’s XXY, Klinefelter, Disorder of Sexual Development, Intersex or (cause for) Autism, it’s just a name that somebody else wants to apply to me, somebody else who is mostly unable to put himself in my shoes, who can’t see I’m  disabled by the societal way of thinking. I’m different, not disabled or disordered. It’s society who is unwilling to accept that the binary gender concept is outdated. It’s science who still thinks everything different from societal norm is a disorder. It’s even some XXY groups who think all XXY are just normal males or men who need testosterone to develop proper masculine features to better fit in.

Being XXY is less troublesome than society’s attitude towards it.

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