Anonymity and intention of this blog

Ok, there are people out there regularly commenting on this blog in order to insult me, by suggesting all of the things I write here are wrong, illusional and I need a psychiatric doctor to go. Two different IPs, one of them pretended to be a physician or at least someone with medical education. Interesting to see, if so, that such a person makes diagnoses without knowing the person. Another one who commented here recently pretended to follow my anonymous twitter account as a real follower and to pretend to be someone nice who I trust without knowing it’s real intentions. He  repeatedly outlined the importance of legal details about my real name, my address, etc…

First question of course – why should anybody care about this blog who is not affected by the condition I write about? I don’t harm anybody by this blog, not even by personal thoughts. We live in a country where it is allowed to express its free opinion. At least I thought so. So it does not make any difference for anybody if I’m not autistic, if I’m autistic, if I have any other condition or not. It does not lead to less help for other autistic people if I assume I might have autistic-like behaviour. I repeatedly outlined the importance of neuroscience, of brain research and that a doctor could call my psychiatric condition Pippi Langstrumpf. It won’t make any difference.

Second question is…., why is this blog still anonymous? It is not the fact that I could not stand the position to have an additional condition besides XXY, if even existing. It is not even the fact that I want to hide my XXY condition. However, there is a lot of prejudice against XXY, a lot of clichés like people are dumb, that testosterone therapy could cure all the impairments resulting from the lack of testosterone, neglecting the additional X chromosome. I just like to decide myself who is open-minded enough to tolerate different opinions. Google will find my name associated with every piece of this blog as soon as I reveal my real name.

In fact, I didn’t know the intention of this blog as I created it. Just a collection of all the latest scientific publications about XXY. I did not want to accept that latest papers originate from the 80s or 90s. I wanted to research myself because that’s my nature. So if anybody wants to know the identity behind the blog, aside from all the information stuffed in that blog, contact me. There is an e-mail address as well as comment function. If you’re using a valid e-mail address, I can write back.

However, I will not publish any insults anymore discrediting me or the intention of this blog. I intended to help other XXYs by providing serious information about it, serious in terms of I offer the references – and that list is quite long now. If you think, I write bullshit, just read the underlying references and maybe it’s better to contact the researcher writing the assumed bullshit. If you’re not helped by what I’m writing about, you don’t have to read it, it’s just as simple. If I accidently argued against the position of other support groups, it’s my freedom of speech to express my own thoughts. I repeatedly listed other Klinefelter groups like from UK, Netherlands or USA expressing my thoughts, too, therefore it’s not an outstanding paranoid bullshit position I represent here.