Comma or hyphen?

Salman Rushdie wrote about his book title „Osten, Westen“ that the comma is crucial: He is the comma.

I feel similar as a diagnosed 47, XXY Karyotype.

I am not able to put myself in the position of many concerned persons with extra X chromosome since I don’t want children yet. I do not have relationship problems because of this either. A lot of XXY males suffer from testosterone deficit. I just suffer from lack of power during sport activities or reduced gain of muscle strength.

Otherwise, I’ve always been more the thinker than a body man. Many concerned persons suffer from dyslexia while I never was at war with orthography and grammar. I love reading, writing as well as foreign languages. I could write all the day – and I also love to create new words and to write in both staccato and tapeworm sentences.

A lot of entries in respective forums deal with testosterone replacement as main issue, to become *more* male. However, for me it feels right to have this oversensible *feminine* way to think as it led to a pronounced sense of justice. I’m even happy about not belonging to agressive and violent men. I don’t need bell-wether fights to impress somebody.

On the other hand, I tend to communicate much better with autists as with neurotypicals. I recognize myself in so many ways to think and act. Fortunately, my bag is not packed with so many things like rigid rituals, extreme sensitivity to light or skin, monotone eating behavior or pronounced stimming behavior. That picture fits into the studies about XXY men who tend to have a lack of inhibitory skills (oversensitivity) but less pronounced stereotypes.

Many if not a slight majority of XXY men does not fit into the autism spectrum. I’m not sure where I fit in but I discovered more mutualities in Asperger’s biographies and everyday life descriptions than in those of XXY men since their life went the usual way.

I am the comma between the syndromes – or even more: Am I the hypen?

Since I know about possible connections, I am interested in both syndromes. I scan the web for differences and mutualities. For XXY men, there is not a adequate behavior therapy. Maybe they can learn from therapy approaches for Asperger Autists as they share some traits.  The concerned XXY men do not care about the name of their unusual behavior – they seek for appropiate help.

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